Signs of Hearing Loss



At Auricle, we understand the importance of caring for your hearing health. That's why we offer complimentary annual hearing checks with our expert Audiologists/Hearing Care Professionals. Hearing loss is irreversible, but early detection and prevention can help manage it and prevent it from worsening.


Hearing loss often occurs gradually, and many people continue to think their hearing is fine even when not. However, there are signs you can watch for to recognize if you're affected by hearing loss.


Typical hearing loss symptoms include difficulty following conversations involving two or more people, confusion or difficulty focusing in noisy areas like restaurants or malls, relying more on reading lips or watching people's faces as they talk, familiar sounds seeming muffled, difficulty hearing women and children's voices, unrelated answers or comments to questions/conversations, and a ringing sensation in the ears.


In addition to these symptoms, medical and emotional cues may indicate hearing loss. For example, exposure to loud sounds over a long period, a single exposure to explosive noise, diabetes, heart, circulatory, or thyroid conditions, a family history of hearing loss, and medications (ototoxic drugs) that may affect hearing are all medical cues. Emotional cues may include feeling stressed out when listening to someone, frustration with people who mumble or don't speak up, embarrassment about not following conversations, nervousness about not understanding something, avoiding social situations, and not enjoying being with people as much as you used to.


If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or a loved one, it's essential to schedule a professional exam with an audiologist to assess your hearing health. Early detection and prevention can help manage hearing loss and prevent it from negatively impacting your daily life. At Auricle, our expert Audiologists/Hearing Care Professionals are here to provide the professional advice and assistance you need to care for your hearing health.

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