Routine Check-ups



Is it time to check your hearing aid?


At Auricle, purchasing a hearing aid is just beginning your journey with us. We understand that every customer is unique and strive to provide personalized solutions to cater to your needs.


Our commitment to you does not end with purchasing your hearing aid. Our team of specialists is always available to provide expert advice and ongoing support to ensure your hearing aid works optimally and improves your quality of life. So whether you have an issue, concern, or even a celebration to share, we encourage you to contact us.


We recommend following some simple reminders to ensure your hearing aid continues working efficiently. First, remove your hearing aids while bathing or showering to avoid moisture damage. Keep your devices away from damp places like the bathroom, heat sources like radiators or hair dryers, and direct sunlight. Additionally, avoid exposing your hearing aids to perfumes, sprays, or hairspray, and ensure that you have clean hands before handling them. Finally, use a drying cup or Drylux at night to protect your hearing aids from moisture.


In the first year of using your hearing aid, we recommend you come in for tuning at least thrice to ensure your device is working optimally. Frequent check-ups and testing allow us to provide you with the exact solutions you need. Skipping these check-ups could cause problems instead of giving answers.


After the first year, we encourage you to continue seeking our assistance, whether for regular tune-ups or to take advantage of our services, such as the hearing aid battery tester. Regular check-ups by our professional team will ensure that your hearing aid always works to your satisfaction. Remember, fragile components make it risky to attempt a repair yourself, so call us or visit a clinic if your hearing aid is not working as it should.


At Auricle, we are committed to providing our customers with the best hearing care solutions. Trust us to ensure that your hearing aids work efficiently and optimally, and allow us to provide you with the expert advice and ongoing support you deserve.

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