Injuries & Sudden Hearing Loss



Sudden hearing loss can be a frightening experience, but it's essential to take action and seek professional help immediately. At Auricle, we offer complimentary hearing tests to assess the level of hearing loss you're experiencing and determine potential causes of the loss.


While the exact cause of sudden hearing loss is not fully understood, research suggests that exposure to loud environments or workplaces may play a role. It's essential to remember that sudden hearing loss is an emergency and requires prompt medical attention.


Sudden hearing loss in one ear eliminates other possible causes and is characterized by hearing loss in one ear with no pain. Unfortunately, because it's a painless condition and often mistaken for something minor, patients may leave it undiagnosed, risking permanent hearing loss. However, patients who undergo immediate treatment have a good chance of recovery.


Head trauma injuries are the most common cause of sudden hearing loss. If you notice hearing loss following an injury, it's essential to contact your GP or Auricle clinic. Other non-biological causes include prolonged exposure to loud noises, snake bites, blood circulation issues, tissue growth, and certain diseases and infections.


At Auricle, we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatment options available. So if you're experiencing sudden hearing loss, don't wait - contact us today to schedule your complimentary hearing test and take the first step towards regaining your hearing health.

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