Complimentary Hearing Test



Better hearing starts with Auricle’s cutting-edge hearing test


Offering the most thorough hearing test in Canada, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. With our new state-of-the-art hearing testing platform, we can address your hearing loss concerns and look for a range of conditions that could be affecting your hearing health. If hearing loss is discovered, our trained Audiologists / Hearing care professionals will take the time to create a personalized solution.


Why a hearing test?


Did you know 1 in 4 Canadians experience hearing loss? Whether you have noticed specific issues with your hearing, or simply want to provide you and your family peace of mind, our comprehensive hearing test will determine your current hearing level and if required, provide you with helpful recommendations for improvements. You’ll experience the test with a trained Audiologist / Hearing care professional using the most advanced audiological methods.


When it's time to take a hearing test?


Anyone over the age of 50 is encouraged to have their hearing checked regularly. If you believe you are suffering the symptoms of loss or would like to just ensure you’re experiencing all the emotions of sound then don’t hesitate to request a complimentary test.


What happens during a hearing test?


Our hearing care professionals will take the time to listen and understand your hearing concerns. Then your professional will conduct a full audiological examination, including speech testing, to see how your current hearing affects real-life scenarios. Next, you’ll get to experience our cutting-edge Video Otosocopy, which is an easy & comfortable examine that allows us to safely see what’s happening inside your ears with a tiny camera. Finally, you’ll get peace-of-mind with instant results.

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